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Hi, I’m Daniele, I am a historian and an official City of London tour guide, (originally) born in Brazil but with a heart and soul that belongs to England. As well as my blog, I’ve been doing walking tours since 2010 introducing people to the splendours and secrets of London’s history.

My tours are for everyone, from the traveller that wants to know about the City to the Londoner that wants to discover more about their hometown. I specialise in the City of London (the Square Mile), but I love leading bespoke tours and showing the people the London that they want to discover.

London is a flowing, living organism, with the old and new together transforming it every day, but always with its history at your fingertips. Everything in this city fascinates me; from its parks, pubs and buildings to street names, post boxes and bollards. Watching children “beating the bounds” or the rose ceremony, you can never be tired of London. I love the quirkiness of the little alleys, the secrets of the forgotten architecture and how wonderful it can be to simply turn a corner and suddenly find a whole new world.

Join me on a walk or private tour and I’ll show you why there is nowhere like London!

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