.'. The Panyer Boy .'.

A 'tablet' ('The Panyer Boy') set in a wall in Panyer Alley, City of London

Smokers huddled outside Cafe Nero and commuters dashing in and out of St Paul's tube station are oblivious to the naked boy perched on a bread basket who waches over them.

Dating back to 1688 it claims to mark the highest point in the City although it seems to have been moved around during the past 300 plus years! The relief depicts a naked baker's boy sitting on a pannier and commemorates the Panyer Boy Inn which was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666.

According to The Times (newspaper) of 31 October 1964, the tablet had just been restored to public view after being moved from its location close to the entrance of St Paul's Underground railway Station in 1940 for safe-keeping during the War.

"When ye have sought the citty round yet this is still the highest ground."


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