.'. Cornhill Water Pump .'.

The City of London inside of the square mile has many pumps and wells which have blended in nicely with our modern day buildings. Although they are no longer in use they still have a certain amount of charm and quaintness. Many of these old pumps long ago were a necessity, and large amounts of people I am sure, would have queued along with cattle, to refresh themselves.

This water pump standing on Cornhill, was used to water the horses in Victorian times, and was a replacement for the first mechanically pumped public water supply in London. Constructed here in 1582 on the site of an even earlier hand-pump, the mechanism a force pump driven by a water wheel under the northernmost arch of London Bridge, transferred water from the Thames through lead pipes to four outlets.

A cast iron grade II listed water pump with granite trough, outside The Royal Exchange. Each side has a fire insurance emblem. Phoenix, County, Sun and Royal Exchange.
The inscription on this side states:
On This Spot a Well Was First Made and a House of Correction Built Thereon by Henry Wallis Mayor of London in the Year 1282.

On the other side it states:
The Well Was Discovered Much Enlarged and This Pump Erected in the Year 1799 by the Contributions of The Bank of England and The East India Company The Neighbouring Fire Offices Together With the Bankers and Traders of the Ward of Cornhill

Standing at Cornhill this Water Pump not only represents the past history but also of how many times in our rushing lifes we never have time to just stop and look at simple things in life that can tell us so much of the past. London is this amazing City and would be great to have more people looking around as well.


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