.'. Standing Still Guard vs Me .'.

Horse Guards Parade was formerly the site of the Palace of Whitehall's, where tournaments (including jousting) were held in the time of Henry VIII.

But nowdays things are different and I will tell you why.

Was a sunny day in London and I decided to go "hunting for bootscrappers" in the area of Whitehall/House Guards. Walking around this amazing place I came across to one very old bootscrapper, but unfortunetly it was behind of one of the House Guards "Guard" and one of those that never moves and never talks and just stand still and have to be super patient because of the amount of tourist that loves taking photos with them, that loves making funny faces to them and trying to make them laugh.

Well, even though it was a sunny day, for some reason all the pathetic tourists weren't around and standing there was the Standing Still Guard and me. So I did what was the right thing to do....I walked towards the Guard with my Cannon ready to go. For some reason it felt like he knew what I was up to. I walked towards him, passed through him and went straight to the old bootscrapper.

And that was when it happen. While I was taking photo of the rusty, old, antique bootscrapper the Standing Still Guard turned towards me and talks:

- Hey, what you doing?

I answered: - Taking photo of the bootscrapper.

- You know that this isn't the reason of why people comes to Whitehall and The House Guards? Do you know you were suppose to be taking photos of me?

I laughed: - Well, maybe it is the reason of why tourists come over, but it isnt the reason of I came over.

- If you want to you can take a photo with me.

With my eyebrown raised I answered: - Darling, if in 200 years after the change of many kings and queens you still stand here and still being used for the same reason then it will be a good reason for me to come over and take a photo of you. For now, the bootscrapper is more important.

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