.'. The Spotted Dog .'.


The 'Spotted Dog' existed by 1762, and was described as "a well accustomed Public House" in 1792.  In the 19th century it was famous for its pleasure gardens and in the 1920s it boasted a dance hall.
Although there were some "verie welthie" persons in Willesden in Elizabeth I's reign these were almost certainly only local farmers. The area was entirely rural and the population would have
consisted of agricultural labourers.

If you ask a taxi Drive to take you to Willesden Green High Road they don't really know. But if you ask them to take you to "The Spotted Dog" they will know. This pub was famous with everyone around London, but during the 1980's it started going down the road. Even my mother in law, that is not really keen in pubs, told me she used to go every Sunday for the Roast.

I moved to London 6 years ago and 4 years ago I moved just opposite this jewel of Willesden Green, the building is amazing but the public not so great. They closed it down and the place started been occupied by all sorts of people (hippies, artists, crazy) until finally the partial demolition and now is being transformed into 44 flats. It was a sad day for the history of Willesden Green, but the transformation of the pub will bring to the place a new era a new view. That's all I hope.



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