Tuesday 19 February 1884

Image From the The Horsham Times ALL NIGHT IN A COAL HOLE--- The Late. Rev. Dr Wrightman, of Kirkmahoe, one night, sitting later than usual sunk in the profoundities of a great folio tome, imagined he heard a sound in the kitchen inconsis tent with the quietude and security of the manse, so taking his candle, he pro ceeded to investigate the cause. His foot being heard in the lobby, the house keeper began with all earnestness to, cover the fire, as if preparing for bed. "Ye're late up to-night Mary." I'a. jnit rakin' the fire, sir; and gaun ts bed." That's right, Mary; I like ti-meoes hours. On his way back to the study he passed the coal closet, and turning the key, took it with him. Next morning, atan early hour, there was a: rap at his bedroom door, and a request for the key to light the fire. "Ye're too soon 'up, Mary ; go back to your bed yet." Half an hour later there was another knock and a similar re quest, in order to prepare the break fast. I don't want breakfast so soon,. Mary; go back to your bed." Another half hour, and another knock, with entreaty for the key, as it was washing day. This was enough. He rose, and handed out the key, saying-" Go and let the man out !" Mary's sweetheart had, as the minister shrewdly suspected, been imprisoned all night in the coal closet, where, Pyramus and Thisbe like,. they had breathed their love to each. other through the keyhole. Such a lovely "coalmantic" story!!!! Found at: Alexander Sq - South Kensignton.
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