.'. Dutch and Dutch .'.

Using some inspiration in the research of the origin of all the Ghost Signs I took photos of, I also came to find out a very interesting fact about this one near my house.

The first thing you should know about it is that it is the FIRST I found.

Do you know when you cross paths with something and suddenly it is all you see? Well, after finding this lovely green Ghost Sign many others also found me, but I never went back to this one till now. You know is not like finding a Hovis or Bovril. But turns out is even better. We all know where those come from, but the mystery of the unknown is what makes it more interesting!!!

Searching around I found out that "Dutch the local house agents, 3, Broadway and at Brondesbury" is completing 112 years this year!!!

The business was established in 1900 in Kilburn by two brothers unsurprisingly named 'Dutch'. They sold land and property throughout North West London to the late Victorian and Edwardian builders and developers who built many of the terraces and blocks of flats in the area.

Nowadays they are known as Dutch and Dutch. just in case if you are looking for a nice place in North West London! Fun right???????

PS: Ghost Sign found at Willesden Green - High Road, NW10.

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