.’. The Monument Stairs .’.

The more I research about the Monument of the Great Fire London the more amazing things I find about it. Lets not forget about the Architects. Yes. We all know that Christopher Wren rebuilt London after the Great Fire, but how much of it he did by himself and how much of it he had help? The Monument is one of the buildings that Wren had his right hand man helping with. Robert Hooke's design was the one approved by the King and Hooke used the Monument for his experiments with the Royal Society. (more on that later) This time I want to talk about the stairs, the more I look into it the more intrigues me. Lots of papers from Wren's Society talks about how this Doric Column was inspired by the Trojan Column in Rome. But I like to think about how Robert Hooke got his inspiration from. Hooke also made major contributions to the field of geology, being the first to realise that fossils were once living organisms and that they had become extinct due to some natural disaster. The recent 2007 restoration of The Monument the stone was sourced from the current Manx quarry operators Pooil Vaaish Ltd. The stone is from the Posidonomya Beds of the Castleton Limestone. Posidonomya is a fossil bivalve with a concentrically-ribbed shell which occurs, albeit scarcely in this stone. (see photo of one of the steps at the Monument) . Presence of this organism confirms that this is Pooilvaaish Stone. The new beautiful stairs of The Monument can't be there just to take you to the top. Maybe it is a "monument" to remind us all that Robert Hooke was part of this building. You can make your way to the top and look down...see how the spiral stairs imitates the beautiful fossils that Robert Hooke used to drawn when he was a young boy. (See photo) I like to think that the stairs of the Monument was inspire on a Pyritised Ammonite, don't you agree???? Robert Hooke Fossil Visit The Monument
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