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.’. The Monument Stairs .’.

Posted by coalholeoflondon on 16th February 2018 in weird-strange |
The more I research about the Monument of the Great Fire London the more amazing things I find about it. Lets not forget about the Architects. Yes. We all know that Christopher Wren rebuilt London after the Great Fire, but how much of it he did by himself and how much of it he had help? The Monument is one of the buildings that Wren had his right hand man helping with. Robert Hooke's design was the one approved by the King and Hooke used the Monument for his experiments with the Royal Society. (more on that later) This time I want to talk about the stairs, the more I look into it the more intrigues me. Lots of papers from Wren's Society talks about how this Do...

.'. Mouse Tail coffee .'.

Posted by coalholeoflondon on 19th February 2018 in coffee-coffee-shops |
If you ever find yourself at Canada Water Station. Make your way to the outside of the Library and enjoy one of the best coffees in London. Seriously strong and delicious. #BestCoffeeshopinLondon...
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