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Posted by danielemiddleton on 28th January 2011 in london-history | burial-site, iron-work
...l them to hospitals. As well as being gruesome, body snatching was not easy - the most usual technique was to dig down six feet, late at night, making a single hole in the lid of the coffin and pulling the body out with a rope. The body snatchers often knew where to find the grave they wanted to plunder, because they had actually attended the funeral of the deceased.Bodies stolen at this graveyard would usually be taken to an inn on the opposite side of the road, where the landloard would tie the name of a doctor or student, who had paid for the body, on the body's toe. Then the doctor, from a nearby hospital, such as St Bartholomew's Hospital, would visit the p...

.'. Water Pump - Boswell St. and Bedford Row .'.

Posted by danielemiddleton on 5th January 2012 in london-history | iron-work, water-pump
...We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. (Thomas Fuller - 1732) BOSWELL ST. - At the south of the Queen Square is a cast-iron water pump dated 1840 and crowned by a later lamp with ladder bars; situated in a circular set of cobbles the base with coats of arms of St Andrew and St George and date MDCCCXL.It has a small attached wast e water trough and is surrounded by 3 Portland stone and 1 cast-iron Gothic style bollards. It is one of those good features we see in London and wonder how busy it used to be in its time. Who use it? Did the Victorians hospitals around were one of the customers? BEDFORD ROW - This beautiful old water pump,...

.'. Operating Theatre .'.

Posted by danielemiddleton on 3rd February 2012 in london-history | church, hospitals, secret-london
...I found this place while walking around Southwark few years back. As I love old churchs and while passing by St. Thomas Church I decided to go in and have a look, for my surprise inside of the Church I found at the top of a very old wooden spiral staircase with uneven steps the Old Operating Theatre, Museum and Herb Garret. The Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret is a museum of surgical history and one of the oldest surviving operating theatres. It is located in the garret (habitable attic) of St Thomas's Church, Southwark, on the original site of the old St Thomas' Hospital.St Thomas Church was build at end of the 17th century and it says that the ga...
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