.'.Monument Frieze .'.

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30 March
Mar 30
30th March 2020

Caius Gabriel Cibber was born in Germany and moved to London after completing his studies. He was not really good with money, and after gambling his and his wife’s fortune away, he ended up in the debtor’s prison across the river in the infamous Clink. Sir Christopher Wren and Robert Hooke received court permission and during the construction of The Monument Cibber was released during the day to work on his sculpture, but had to go back during the nights. The sculpture on the west panel of t...

.'. Love London .'.

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28 January
Jan 28
28th January 2020

London is amazing. So many things going on in the City. So many people rushing around all the time. Cars. bikes. Scooters. People. People. People. Stop for a minute. Look up...Look around you...see that building you passed by 1.000 times during lunch? What is that in front of the main entrance? What the faces on the Architecture mean? Why the name? Just stop and you will discover London even more. You will find the love that the city has for its history. You will feel the stories dripping down t...

.'. London's Roman Basilica and Forum .'.

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11 June
Jun 11
11th June 2018

Originally built in AD70 and then expended in AD90 – 120, London’s Roman basilica was a building unlike any other in Britain. Occupying nearly 2 hectares of land and standing at a height of up to 3 storeys high, this building was larger than the present day St Paul’s Cathedral! The basilica acted a civic centre and housed city administrators, law courts, an assembly hall, the treasury and shrines. At its height it was also the largest building of its type north of the Alps, showing the im...

.'. Mouse Tail coffee .'.

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19 February
Feb 19
19th February 2018

If you ever find yourself at Canada Water Station. Make your way to the outside of the Library and enjoy one of the best coffees in London. Seriously strong and delicious. #BestCoffeeshopinLondon ...

.’. The Monument Stairs .’.

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16 February
Feb 16
16th February 2018

The more I research about the Monument of the Great Fire London the more amazing things I find about it. Lets not forget about the Architects. Yes. We all know that Christopher Wren rebuilt London after the Great Fire, but how much of it he did by himself and how much of it he had help? The Monument is one of the buildings that Wren had his right hand man helping with. Robert Hooke's design was the one approved by the King and Hooke used the Monument for his experiments with the Royal Society. ...

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